Zlin Through Photographs

The town of Zlín, in the Czech Republic, is in many aspects a very unique place. The name Baťa doesn't need a lot of introduction worldwide. The Baťa shoe manufacturing enterprise was truly a revolutionary commercial concept that withstood many historical obstacles and grew into a business empire. The name Baťa is reflected in many ways within the town.  Now rare are, for example, the houses called Baťa houses, which Tomáš Baťa built for his rapidly increasing work force and which give the town its typical look. What all you should not miss while studying in Zlín. See our gallery.

Urban landscape photography of the town Zlín

Bata Villa in Zlín

Tomas and Jan Antonin Bata statue in Zlín

Typical rectangular industrial buildings made of red bricks and vertical windows in the old factory area in Zlin

T. Bata street in Zlín at winter

The view on the former factory of Bata, Zlín

Vintage photo shows group of people in front of Bata factories, on August 15, 1934.

Tomas Bata University in Zlín

The main square with town hall in Zlín

Lions in Zlín zoo park

Zlín Film Festival – Big cinema

Zlin chateau in winter

Photos: Shutterstock

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