“YT Made Me More Tolerant and That is Priceless”

Few reasons why you can't miss YT Summer School in Hamburg from one of the oldest YT members Bozidar Rados. Please note, just one week left till the deadline to apply. 

We’re starting to acquaint you with the most prominent YTimers and experts who will work at the upcoming summer school. Our first guest is Youth Time ambassador in Croatia Bozidar Rados.

Bozidar, what is your YT story?

My story with the Youth Time started at the time when I was a Croatian representative at the United Nations. I was invited to the first Rhodes Youth Forum to present my organisation as well as engagement with the United Nations. I actually didn’t have such a high expectations. That forum was supposed to be just another ordinary conference where I would present my work. But it was everything except ordinary. Since October 2010, and the first Rhodes Youth Forum, I am active and one of the oldest members of the International Movement Youth Time.

What Youth Time gave you?

Youth Time has a lot of influence on me and really shaped me as a person, opened up new horizons, taught me some values, and most importantly, made me more tolerant than I was before and that is priceless. I’ve met so many amazing people around the world, explored many new things and got a valuable experience.

YT is organizing a lot of different youth events for 5 years already. What is so special about Summer School?

All the events organised by the YT are special on it’s own way but what makes Summer School so special it is atmosphere. Informal working sessions offer participants great opportunity to have really interesting discussions and make some concrete conclusions together with the trainers and other participants. Besides atmosphere, a lot of great informal activities and events are happening during yt summer school. For example, amazing experience with rafting in Siberia during the first summer school in Altai, interesting city quest with balloon flash mob in the old town of Dubrovnik and making a video of Happy song in Siena are just small part of them. Believe me, you don’t want to miss what we’ve prepared for you in Hamburg 🙂

What would be your role during Summer School this year?

I am involved in daily discussion about Summer School together with other ambassadors. I’m available to the YT team, depending on the needs, but mostly I am involved in some informal activities like city quest.

Your advice, what should people who will attend YT Summer School for the first time expect, what should they prepare for?

People who are applying for the first time for Summer School can expect a very high quality event where they will get a great opportunity to work with great and carefully selected speakers and experts. Besides that, they can expect great fun and lots of laughter. I guarantee that they will meet wonderful people and they will not regret having joined us.

To be part of #YTfamily for you means…

… to be a part of a big network of active young people who wants to change things for better. “Youth are not useless, they are just not used less” and that’s what we are trying to approve. Together, we can do things in a better, we only need some good will.

How YT rookies can contact you, if they will have some questions?

As an ambassador, my task is to promote Youth Time. So I am at disposal for everyone who would like to find out more about, either Summer School or Youth Time. People can contact me via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn. I will be glad to talk to everyone 🙂

About Bozidar

Bozidar is Ambassador at the Youth Time International Movement and Marketing Assistant at Ernst & Young, based in Zagreb, Croatia. He holds a Master’s degree in Public relations. During his studies, he worked as a teaching assistant at university on the subjects of Public Rela­tions and Political Communication. Božidar is a frequent speaker and facilitator at numerous international conferences and for two years he was a Croatian representative in the Youth Council of the United Nations.

Find out more about YT Summer School 2015, check FAQ’s, fill out the application form, send it to us.


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