YSSE’s Contribution Towards Ensuring Employment for Youth Through Social Entrepreneurship

In this intriguing interview we sit down with Bangladesh's YSSE, one of the forward thinkers in ensuring employment for young people.

As a platform run by young people and for young people around the globe, this time, Youth Time sat with Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE), a youth-led non-profit organisation for promoting social entrepreneurship and fostering youth as social entrepreneurs to create positive social and environmental changes through their innovative ideas and actions.

Based in Bangladesh, founded in the beginning of 2015, it envisions to ensure employment and equity for youth through social entrepreneurship and capacity building.

Tahani Tahmid Elma, Content Writing Department, YSSE speaks to our contributor Gresë Sermaxhaj regarding their work, how they build cooperation with young people, and also shares a few upcoming events where young people can get involved and contribute.


Reaching and Engaging Young People

YSSE’s fundamental way of reaching the youth is through providing empowerment opportunities to them.

“If you look at the number of programs and events YSSE arranges relentlessly for youth empowerment, you will know how these work as a marketing tool for YSSE. 

YSSE regularly holds live sessions like ‘Ajker Tarunno’, ‘Behind the journey’, ‘Career Talk’ etc. for motivating the youth and to guide them towards achieving their goals.”

Besides, YSSE always tries to arrange unique events during various social occasions for engaging the youth.

“Be it Women’s Day or Independence Day, each event arranged by YSSE is so dynamic that it grabs their attention. Many sessions and symposiums are arranged by YSSE which acts as a guiding force for so many youths. YSSE has projects that serve the purpose of all groups of youth.”

Want to start a business but lack guidance? YSSE presents “Shuru Korun Apnar Nijer Bebsha” to guide you through.

Want to gather skills and be ready for professional life? “YSSE Academy” is here to provide you with the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.

“All these not only serve the purpose of youth empowerment but also act as a medium to reach, connect and build cooperation with them.”


Assisting the Youth in Growing Confidence and Improve Leadership Skills

How does YSSE create space for the development of entrepreneurial projects between young people and fulfil their mission to create job opportunities?

Elma starts by reminding us that YSSE gives opportunities to anyone keen to learn.

“Recruitment of interns, members, ambassadors, and volunteers are held frequently with the purpose of youth development. 

“Even one with no experience works with the core team so that they can develop their skills.”

She further specifies that almost now and then, they arrange various skill development programs for developing the skills required for the present time and making the youths ready for their professional life.

“All these help youths to grow in confidence and better leadership capabilities. 

“YSSE helps youth identify their strength and provide the guideline to work for fulfilling their dreams.”

YSSE believes that there’s no alternative to training, monitoring, and counselling for the development of youth and in bridging the prevalent inequalities.

“That’s why YSSE ensures it provides all kinds of training to a person to become a full-fledged entrepreneur.”


Youth Ambassadors and Volunteering Opportunities

The ‘Youth Ambassador’ programme is for those young individuals who are highly passionate about spreading the wind of revolution and promoting the thoughts of YSSE in their very own campuses and surroundings.

“Promising young minds from colleges, universities, and young professionals can also apply for membership to promote YSSE and its activities within their network.”

Besides, YSSE provides a wide range of volunteering opportunities for those who want to take part.

“Be it distributing winter cloth or iftar among the street dwellers, you can help YSSE in all its social work.

Anyone can apply for these opportunities. The opportunities are regularly posted on YSSE Facebook page, groups, and website.

Further speaking from her experience, Elma points out some of the biggest challenges and shortcomings faced by youth today.

“Because of the existing socio-economic condition, many youths are being deprived of the amazing opportunities around them and cannot change their fate. 

Collaboration: YSSE taking part in SES 2018

“Unemployment, lack of technical education, skills, training, and financial crisis for self-employment resulting from mass poverty and lack of opportunities and support are some of the biggest challenges faced by youth today.”

And that is why YSSE works relentlessly to help youth in all ways to overcome these obstacles, she highlights.


Introducing YSSE’s Ongoing Events

YSSE continuously plans events and programs for the benefit of youths. A few of their ongoing and upcoming events include:


Lal Shobujer Mukti

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence and to commemorate the sacrifice of the freedom fighters YSSE is arranging an event named Lal Shobujer Mukti, where quiz competition, digital art, photography, painting competition, and virtual sessions will be held. 

To awaken youth with the power of independence, inspire them to know the history of the liberation war. This event has been organised.


YSSE Academy

YSSE believes that proper nurture can bring out the inherent capabilities of the youth to remodel society by becoming skilled and ready for professional life. With that resolution, YSSE Academy is providing the opportunity to learn, anytime, anywhere. 

YSSE Academy aims to create a platform where people from different backgrounds can learn things at an affordable cost.


YSSE Academy Presents ‘Beyond Content Writing’

It is an interactive learning session on Freelance Content Writing with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. It will be a virtually exclusive live session conducted in two parts.

The session “Beyond Content Writing” gives participants an overview of the process, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience of Content writing.


‘Mentorship for the Entrepreneurs’

It has been found from research that eight out of 10 start-ups fail during the first 18 months only due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance. 

So, for those who have unique ideas but not the proper guidance, YSSE is presenting them with a proper mentoring opportunity. They mainly designed it for them to be entrepreneurs.


Shobai Hashuk Ei Ramadan-e 

At last, the organisation has taken the responsibility to provide Sehri and iftar to seven Madrasas and to donate iftar among homeless people.

You all are cordially invited to work with YSSE in this initiative within your capability.

YSSE was the sole idea of the founder, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain.

While studying at the university, he was directly involved in various organisational activities. When he saw that youth occupies a great section of the country, he thought it is possible to create something new by using their fresh energy. 

The youth society will play a huge role in the country’s progress if they can awaken their dormant capabilities.

After participating in the “World Youth Summit” held in India in 2015 on behalf of the youth of Bangladesh, he learned about entrepreneurship from entrepreneurs all over the world. 

But the right idea of ​​social entrepreneurship was still absent in our country. So, when he returned to the country, he felt the need for an organisational platform and training centre for social entrepreneurs. 

That’s when he first planned to establish the ‘Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs’.

Photos: YSSE

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