Youth Time’s Good News Stories: Friday 4th June

Youth TIme's Good News Stories are back for a third instalment, inspiring you with kindness from all around the world.

There are so many ways that regular people can make a difference. You can donate time, money, and even ideas to help those in need. 

The following four individuals acted selflessly and helped others. Plus, their stories continue spreading happiness and inspiring others to do the same.


Chelsea Phaire

At just 10 years old, Chelsea Phaire has done more for homeless children than most adults. 

After the death of her swim instructor two years ago, Chelsea turned to art to help her deal with her feelings. 

Wanting to spread the therapeutic practice of art with others, she started a non-profit!

Today, Chelsea has sent over 1,500 art kits to children in homeless shelters and foster care homes. 

She dreams of meeting every kid in the entire world and giving them art. Chelsea dreams of a peaceful world where people bond and find happiness through art.


Harrison Gurney

Harrison Gurney is not your typical 12-year-old boy. To help his 80-year-old grandfather live out his lifelong dream! 

Malcolm’s wife had recently moved into a care home due to Alzheimer’s, and the older gentleman got lonelier every day. 

Remembering his grandfather’s stories about seeing vintage aircrafts as a boy living in 1945, Harrison figured out just what to do!

Wanting to put a smile on Malcolm’s face, Harrison wrote letters to airfields and private Spitfire owners across the UK. 

Finally, he was offered a flight at Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex where Malcolm even got to control the aircraft, all thanks to his grandson’s determination.


Debby Neal-Strickland

Many people suffer from jealousy, but Debby Neal-Strickland sure isn’t one of them. 

Just two days after marrying her longtime sweetheart, Debby underwent surgery to donate her kidney to her new husband’s ex-wife. 

56-year-old Debby wanted to help Mylaen, who had divorced her new husband 20 years ago. 

Since the divorce was amicable, the women grew close and became friends. After Mylaen’s brother ended up not being a match, Debby gladly stepped up to donate her kidney.


Krystal and Patrick Duhaney

Krystal and Patrick Duhaney found out the hard way how expensive raising children can be. She founded Milky Mama to help educate and support mothers on their journey to growing their families. 

Their educational Instagram account isn’t the only way they give back to mothers in need. 

Now that they are doing better financially, the couple has been stuffing cash into various baby supplies across Target stores in Los Angeles. 

They have given out over $1,000 and surprised new parents with a little bit of extra financial help!

Want to make the world a better place? 

Think about what you have to offer and start helping! It doesn’t matter if you help thousands of people or just one; acts of kindness are what being human is all about.

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