Youth Time’s Travel Guide: How to Travel Smart?


Do you have a passion for traveling? Does it seem like an extra unwanted expense to you? Have you ever wondered how to hit the road and travel to your favorite destination using little or no money at all? If you want to satisfy your wanderlust and still stick to your budget, travel smart by changing your travel style and following these 10 simple tips that might make your next trip successful, enjoyable, and a lot cheaper.

1- Fly Smart

When booking a flight, there are many options you can use to pick the right one. Many travel search engines are available in more than 20 languages and they can recommend, compare and filter flights according to your needs. Make sure you customize your flight. Choosing flexible dates can get you cheaper flights if you travel a day or two before or a day or two after your desired dates.

Make sure your flight itinerary has no unnecessary layovers. Sometimes more layovers means higher prices. 

Do not forget to have your snack and your bottle of water with you, as a lot of airline companies, particularly low cost, do charge a lot of money for a simple bag of chips or a small bottle of water. It is always a safer option to get your home snack with you and avoid paying that extra money on board.

2- Book ahead

As fares usually rise the closer you get to the departure date, booking weeks ahead can be the best option to find the lowest prices. You can register on airline websites to receive email alerts when booking opens and whenever there are special offers.

3- Travel Light

Many airlines won’t allow you to travel with your 20kg suitcase without paying for it. Traveling with as less baggage as possible, particularly checked baggage, will help you save a lot of money.

4- Watch for hidden extras 

Unless necessary, choosing more options on a flight such as favorite seat with more legroom, more magazines or special assistance might make your ticket’s final price significantly higher.

5- Use your miles

If you travel often by plane, then you don’t want to miss your miles. Most airline companies if not all, offer the “frequent flyer club” option where you can get free miles as a reward for being a frequent flyer and a loyal customer. You can use these miles to book your next flight for free.

6- Know your destination well

If you have time and are willing to economize, instead of flying directly to the wanted destination, it is sometimes a lot cheaper to fly to a nearby city and then catch a cheap bus ride. You might save as much as half the price.

7- Compare Prices

There are many airlines companies, bus companies and trains traveling to the same destinations. It won’t hurt if you spend some time comparing prices of flights, buses and trains. You never know what the cheapest way might be.

8- Take advantage of deals and discounts

If you are under 25, or if it’s the airline company’s birthday, there might be some special offers and discounts you don’t want to miss. Make sure you consider that while planning your next trip. 

9- Cheap accommodation

If you like to socialize with people and make new friends, hostels might be a good option for you. Know about the city you wish to visit and find the best deal. Some good hostels in Europe can be as cheap as 8 euros per night.

10- Or maybe free accommodation

A great way to spend less money while traveling is cheap or free accommodation. If you have friends in the city you wish to visit, they might be willing to accommodate you and even offer you a hot cup of coffee in the morning. You can also try, which is a great unconventional way to be accommodated for no cost at all, especially if you have a sense of adventure. The best part about it is being immersed in the local life and making new local friends who can teach you a lot about their city. Similarly, you can invite them to your house when they are willing to visit your country.

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