Youth Time Global Forum In Barcelona


The Youth Time Global Forum in Barcelona will be a unique event, which will gather together more than 100 participants from all over the world with the aim of coming to solutions for the most prevalent youth issues.
The topic of the annual event is The New Era of Employment and Education: Solutions for Change. The topic will be relevant to the location and the current realities on the ground there, as in Barcelona unemployment and education are pressing, immediate issues.

Youth Time Global Forum In Barcelona
Youth Time Global Forum In Barcelona

Youth Time Global Forum in Barcelona

Young people who are looking for inspiration and people who have innovative ideas on how to tackle these issues will be brought together at Youth Time Global Forum in Barcelona, to come to effective solutions for change that inevitably will contribute to a new era of employment and education.

The program will consist: 

  • first, of workshops, in which participants will be challenged to redefine the concepts of “employment” and “education”;
  • and second, of project presentation meetingsin which participants and experts will evaluate the proposals the presenters have made.

The program will also include roundtable discussions with prominent guests, and there will be time for social activities, in which participants will explore Barcelona and will have a chance to get to know each other better.

There are two ways to participate in this event.

You can join as

(1) a project presenter or

as (2) an interested participant.

A “project presenter” will be expected to demonstrate solid preparation before joining the event. An “interested participant” will be expected to evaluate the presented projects during the event.

Each role comes with its benefits and its obligations, please consider them carefully before applying for any of them.

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“I Got You (I Feel Good)”, Youth Time version

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