Four Important Things We Learned From The YT First Webinar


On April 20, Youth Time expert Jonathan Fritzler offered a one-hour inspirational webinar on ‘How to create a strategy for your ideas’. It was the first of a series of online lectures that will be offered by the Hawaiian entrepreneur and YT ambassador, who believes his life purpose is to help other young people to realize their dreams. In case you were so unfortunate as to miss it, Youth Time offers you an overview of four important, take-away tips that were emphasized in the webinar.

Throughout the webinar Jonathan Fritzler explained how to focus on your goals: ‘Do you want to start a business? Are you looking for a career? Or do you want to become a thought leader?’ and shared practical tools on how you can implement these in your life.

  • Everything starts with an idea

Start reflecting seriously about your deepest wishes about what you want to do with your life. Becoming aware of what energizes you is the first step to channelling an action plan.

  • Write down your life goals

When we put our life goals down on paper, these goals become concrete and are very likely to trigger action.

  • Every project leads to self-discovery

Every time we start to create, we learn a little more about ourselves. Being aware of our own capabilities and interests allows us to come closer to dedicating our lives meaningfully.

  • Failure is a tool

Risk is necessary to achieving success, and therefore challenges become opportunities. Failure is very important as it demonstrates what does not work. So just keep on trying, as eventually you are going to run out of ideas that don’t work.

In case you missed the webinar and would like to see the whole session watch the video below and don’t forget to download special-print-outs to easily follow along Jonathan’s exercises.

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