Youth Europe Self-Empowerment Cooperative Calls for Participants


Disturbed by growth of youth unemployment? Wish to change a situation for the better and have ideas how to do that? Join Youth Europe Self-Empowerment Cooperative initiative. 

The YES initiative aims to reduce youth unemployment primarily in Europe to be followed up in the rest of the world. “With rates of 50/60% in Spain, followed closely by other countries like Greece, Portugal, Italy, UK and so on…dramatic action must be taken to eliminate this situation”, – the initiative’s organizers say.

YES will empower youth to reestablish it’s place in society and it’s dignity in today’s world.

The basic idea for YES SCE is that 28 young participants (18 – 30 years) will be chosen from 28 EU States and 8 participants from other continents as guests. They will meet in German Schloss Tempelhof from 26th April to 3rd May 2015 to discuss an initiative leading to the foundation for the YES COOPERATIVA. Youth participating in the very first gathering for YES will be the founding members of an SCE or cooperative society. They will form the first governing board to implement the statutes and rules for the YES COOP together with the experts. They will also be the representatives and responsible for implementing YES in their home country. An expert who has experience creating many SCE’s will be on hand throughout the event to guide the members.

Final Application Day is 15th February 2015. More information and application form you can find here

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