Young Russians: Who Are They? Survey of Public Opinion

The all-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presented a recent study about the qualities of the modern Russian youth, seen through the eyes of the young people themselves and through the eyes of the older generation. Generally, both views ended up being quite similar.

According to the survey, one of the main negative characteristics of the young people nowadays is materialism – this opinion was shared among respondents under 35 years of age (76%) and those over 35 years (75%).

Most of the respondents also agreed on a fact that the modern youth is quite lazy (54-58%) and wasteful (55-57%). In addition, the younger generation is apparently characterized by the lack of attention to own health (51-56%).

Three quarters of the respondents under 35 years of age consider the ability to communicate effectively to be one of the main assets of the modern youth (75%). Other assets mentioned by younger respondents were activity (65%) and goodwill (52%), while only 55% the older respondents agreed regarding the first case and 45% regarding the second one.

About one half of all the participants believe that courage is what characterizes the modern youth in Russia (53% of participants below 35 years and 47% over 35). Other characteristics included honesty (46% and 42%), hypocrisy (41% and 38%) and indifference (44% and 42%).

A majority of the younger participants admitted they didn’t have anyone in their life whom they could see as an example (57%); older participants gave a similar response (41%). Relatives and friends were chosen as role models by 9% of respondents under 35 years of age and by only 2% of those over 35 years. Other possible role models included rock stars (9% of all respondents), historical personalities (4%), athletes (3%) and politicians (2%).

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