Young Global Changers Program


The Young Global Changers program brings together young people from around the world who are working towards a global paradigm shift, combining their talents and together becoming a strong voice for change. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship to participate in the Global Solutions Summer School and the Global Solutions Summit from April 17-22, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. The deadline is on 1 December 2019.

Youth Opportunity

We are currently witnessing a trend in many advanced and emerging economies where economic prosperity is increasingly becoming decoupled from social prosperity and environmental sustainability. There is an urgent need for a global paradigm change to recouple the economy with social and ecological needs, and to reverse the growing global inequality.

Apply if you are already engaged in a project or initiative to bring about positive change and would like to engage with a broad network of like-minded people, participate in a comprehensive summer school and attend the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin.

This year, you can apply to one of three different areas: academia, business or civil society. The Young Global Changers program aims at bringing together people from these areas at the Global Solutions Summer School and explore solutions to current challenges.

Main criteria:

  • Successful candidates are young people between 21-35 years with innovative ideas on how to make this world a better place and who have developed a project or an initiative to put these ideas into action;
  • This project can be a research project, a social project, a global advocacy campaign or a local neighborhood initiative, a business idea a social enterprise, or more. It needs to be connected to a current global challenge and must aim to make an impact and bring about positive change, whether at the global, regional or local level.

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