Young and Restless – Movies for the Weekend

Teenager issues are the topic of this week's movie selections. While the magnitude of the problems tempts us to expect exclusively dramas, soon you will discover that the subject can also be approached in a more humorous way.

Slam: Tutto per una ragazza (Slam) 

An interesting plunge into the mindset of sixteen-year-old Samuel, whose passion for skateboarding is put on hold when his girlfriend becomes pregnant. By a series of dreams he travels to see what his life would be under different circumstances.

Georgia Rule 

When your teenaged daughter crosses all the borders, it’s time to send her to grandma.  Seventeen-year-old Rachel is quite a handful, so her mother decides that it is a good time to bring the grandma who reigns with a firm hand into the picture. 

Being Charlie 

Charlie is a typical troublemaker – and a problematic son doesn’t reflect well on a father who is aspiring to a political career.  When Charlie escapes a youth drug rehabilitation center and comes home, he doesn’t get a warm welcome. To get rid of him as fast as possible, his parents give him an ultimatum: either join an adult rehab program or get out of their house.


Jack of the Red Hearts 

Jacquelyn and her younger sister are orphans. As an 18-year old, Jacquelyn tries to get custody of her sister and is willing to pay any price to do it, which so far has meant repeatedly kidnapping her from her foster family. She must find a steady job and a home, which for a troubled  Jacquelyn is not that easy . . . until she starts – to surprise of all – to care for an autistic girl.

Photo: IMDB

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