You Wouldn’t Believe, But These Fun Creatures Are Made Out Of Trash


Young Danish artist Thomas Dambo creates unique pieces of art. He specializes in making sculptures, furniture and many more, out of trash, also known as recycled materials, especially ply wood. Check out story of Thomas and his amazing works.

Thomas originates from Odense, Denmark. He has always loved building stuff and began at an early age to build treehouses, boxcars from old wood he found around his old neighborhood.





During his early years at the design school Thomas started to see great potential in all of the stuff that people threw out. He was especially intrigued by all the ply wood that was daily thrown away by constructing sites etc.

One day when he came across a giant container filled with this he got the idea for his first major street art project; “Happy City Birds”. Since then Thomas has build more than 3000 birdhouses and spread them in several cities all over the world.

After graduating Thomas got his own workshop in Copenhagen from where he started his business, while also pursuing his passion as a street artist.

Thomas has made projects for a range of big and small organisations including Roskilde Festival, ALIS and Copenhagen Metro Company. Thomas is also to be seen as the host of the Danish television show “Vores Genbrugshjem (Our Recycled Home)”.


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