You Better Slay the Stage with RuPaul’s DRAG RACE!!!

Grab your wigs and your highest heels possible, because here come the queens! A Drag Queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag (women) makeup and clothing put forth to imitate the female persuasion. Through the gay friendly world of drag performance and culture, music narrates the flamboyant and comedic entertainment universe of equality. With the growing popularity surrounding the drag planet, what makes drag music so universally popular? Is drag music the future of pop music? It seems that it definitely will be.

I am gay and proud of it. My queerness surfaces through my beautiful black skin and exudes nothing less than love and positivity. Now, as some of you beautiful readers may deflect and exit out of this article hoping to find something more enriching, but I invite you to open of your judgement and mind. Through the lenses I was born with and the choices that are simply natural it became apparent now and then that representation of people like me, in the vast structural scheme of media and entertainment, is slim to almost none. Music brings people together, but also brings communities closer.  There is this global phenomenon that has hit the internet universe in a rapid glittery obstruction. In the land of LGBTQ+, media has become a polarizing entity for the humble family. The land of equality has become fascinated with inclusion in all aspects of a modern living society. And through this push, the beautiful people want to be entertained through the eyes of open mindedness. The show “Ru Paul’s Drag Race has hands down created a subculture of acceptance and fierceness. Through this captivating world of drag, the music has become a statement for all things real!

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With more than eight Emmy nominations and set to give the lovely viewers season 13 this upcoming year, “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” is a reality TV show where drag queens compete against each other based on charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Lead by the legendary global icon of drag performance, Ru Paul, the show creates a series of challenges that are paired with runway shows as one by one eliminations set forth to leave the last queen standing. In conclusion crowning the next drag superstar. Ru Paul has dived into the musical world with 13 strong pop albums dating back to 1993 with the album “Supermodel of the World”. You may be familiar with her sultry yet prominent voice gracing the stereos in the track “Supermodel” by Ru Paul herself.

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With reality TV drama, self-made costumes and heartfelt moments, the show depicts what it means to be queer in the modern global world. But what makes this, yet another reality TV show, so popular?


Slay the Musical Queer Runaway!

With a strong increase of 600,000 premiere ratings from the span of season 7 to season 9, the drag queens have become reality royalty, creating various spin-offs and million-dollar businesses. Today, Drag Race has become the most culturally relevant show on American television thus an international impact. The success sparked a musical genre of pop culture music! Drag Music, made by the various contestants, have sparked a huge influence in the world of queer music. The truth is, is that the music has many components seen in the mainstream pop music industry. According to Associate Manager and Partner of Producer Entertainment Group (PEG) Jacob Slane, expresses that the mixture of touring, merchandise, recording and endorsements factors following the show, gain extreme financial and social success for the drag queen contestants.

Drag Queen artists such as “Bob the Drag Queen”, “Sharon Needles”, “Trixie Mattel” and “Katya” consistently grow into musical pop fame as the larger industry begins to catch up with the commercial and entertainment value of the drag queen scene. According to, season 7 favorite “Trixie Mattel” created her monumental “Two Birds” album. The project made No. 6 on the Independent Album charts and No. 28 on Billboard 200.  Drag Queens such as “Alaska” and “Sharon Needles” made prominent spots on the Dance/Electronic Album charts. The drag queen music is an intense mixture of catchy and easy lyrics, trendy beats and unique melodies of musical content. The music seems to be making an impact! The success of the show allows queens to perform from humble beginning in places such as New York City, to huge theaters in Amsterdam, Germany and even Thailand.

Watch “Yellow Cloud” by “Trixie Mattel “Now!  


Competing on the tenth season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, American drag queen and singer, “Monet X Change” is one of my favorite musical artists to arise from the popular show. Born In Brooklyn, New York and mainly spending their young childhood in Saint Lucia, the drag queen trained in opera performance at Westminster Choir College of Rider University. Winning the sixth annual Gay Caribbean USA Pageant in September 2014, the famous reality TV show was next on their pop culture domination. Winning the fourth season of Ru Paul’s Drag race spin-off competition show, Ru Paul’s Drag Race: All Stars. With a hefty bass voice and strong presence, the singer released their highly anticipated EP “Unapologetically” February 22,2019. The drag queen’s favorite song of mine comes as a single featuring comedic drag queen “Bob the Drag Queen”. The video embodies the sensuality and the vocal quality the singer effortlessly creates. Drag queens such as “Monet X Change” will be an artist to watch out for, for years to come.

Watch “Soak it Up” by Monet X Change Now!


Through the offspring of musical proportion, the show has become a beacon of pop culture, creating a sub to mid culture that has intrigued many viewers on an international scale. Although my fandom is not as extreme as other queer individuals, the die-hard fan base not only admires the humor and gay atmosphere; they enjoy the music that embodies the essences of its competitors and the legendary host Ru Paul. My humble prediction is that drag music will continue to prosper if not make more of a mainstream impact in years to come. So, as the shows exudes with full strength and pure uniqueness: YOU BETTER WEEEEERRRRKKKK!!!!!

Photo: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney

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