Writing a Movie Review: Helpful Tips for Students

Movies are a good source of entertainment for everyone. Writing a movie review is even better. It is quite an interesting way to examine the film and share all the […]

Movies are a good source of entertainment for everyone. Writing a movie review is even better. It is quite an interesting way to examine the film and share all the aspects critically. In writing, you get a chance to share your personal opinions about the film. The sole purpose of a review is to help the readers get an insight into the movie’s plot. 

A review must include details about the star cast, direction, special effects, music and cinematography. As a writer, you must avoid revealing any details about the ending of a movie. The review should be such that readers are convinced with it. It should follow a well-defined structure that makes it readable. 

Know your readers or target audience

Once you know the readers the film review will target, your writing task becomes easy. If you know the interest or preferences of the audience, you will know which characters you have to highlight more. You will be able to make a better connection with the readers.

As you know the particular style that fits well with them, you will write likable content that will keep engaging your readers to read the complete movie review. You can take help by reading film critique example to better understand how a good review should be. StudyMoose is a well-known platform that is highly popular among students from various parts of the world. Its high-quality free essay samples are written by professionals who are highly educated and know their subjects deeply. This will help you up your writing game significantly. 

Know the purpose 

A review requires one to think critically and then analyze the review based on it. Before you write a film review, you must know the film’s story and understand the message the movie delivers. However, writing a review is easy as pie if you are a movie buff.

Watch the film – Not just once

Movie review writing is easy for those who have watched the film once or maybe twice. So, it becomes the first mandatory step to deeply immerse yourself in the film and make notes about it. While watching, note where the plot begins, the incidents, the climax and the ending. Adding all these details will add weight to the film review.

You can also make notes about the castings and their roles. You must have all detailed information about the main actor as the main purpose of the review is to inform the readers. Watch them carefully as you will have to review the actor’s personality in your film critically. With all this researched information, you can write a catchy review.

Gain knowledge about facts 

After knowing the story’s plot, you must research the director, producer, year of release, film genre, cinematographic director, music and other production teams. This information will help you to author a full-fledged review of the movie. It will eventually help the readers to have overall knowledge of the film before watching it. 

You can also compare the other movies of the same director and frame a solid comparison. Decorating a film review with such interesting information will lure your readers. 

Critical evaluation of the movie is a must

It would be best if you shared your genuine opinions or viewpoint about the plot for a professional movie review. It would be best if you were not biased while writing a review. This way, you will fail to express yourself and cannot do justice to the it

It is recommended to read a film critique example before finalizing your writing work. Open your heart and let the audience feel that you have seriously watched it. Also, you must know where to draw a gap so that you might not accidentally reveal its hidden essence. Getting carried away can be a big spoiler, and the audience might drop the idea of watching.

Share the significant message of the movie

Every movie has a literal message for its audience. It is presented in the form of some dialogues or presented in an important movie scene. Explain the important scenes in such a way that readers are able to visualize it and understand the real meaning of the film. 

Complete it with a conclusion

A professional movie review is incomplete without a conclusion. It is the last chance to express your opinion about the movie. In the end, be more specific about the characters and important elements that impressed you and why you want the readers to watch the movie. 


A good movie review solely aims to convince and entertain the readers. You can write the best review only if you stick to the film’s plot and important elements. So, whether the movie is worth watching or not, you have to share your true opinion convincingly, and the rest leave it to them. The chances are that they will like it and wait for the next one from you. 

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