Worst Holiday Clichéd Pictures


With the rise of social networks, a new category has grown – traveling clichés. Surveys show that more than half the users of social networks get inspired for their holiday photos by a gallery of people with whom they share the status “friends”. No wonder that a countless number of people kissing the Sphinx or holding an Egyptian pyramid or the Eiffel Tower at the tip are circulating on the internet. Apart from the absolutely necessary photos of served food in a restaurant it seems that every single tourist of Pisa took it as a personal goal to straighten the local leaning tower by pushing it back or supporting it. At the top of bad taste are views with unsightly bulky thighs in front or even those slender ones – absolutely must be shared. Among others are also photos of cocktails, selfies with sun glasses or those with pursed lips. According to the DailyMail one third of people on social networks have the tendency to block such profiles. So be carefull that you do not lose friends.

Leaning Tower in Pisa has many supporters.

Kiss of the Sphinx – absolutely must to do in Egypt.

Pyramids – tourists love to pose with them / Photo: Flickr – Jed Scattergood

Any pyramid – here the Louvre pyramid will do.

Eiffel tower on the palm.

Rio de Janeiro and posing tourists.

If you want to loose some friends on Facebook – don’t forget to upload similar photo. Success is assured.

Or the meaningful notes written on the beach.

Photography on the beach with your cocktail – one of the clichéd pictures from holidays.

At the end one selfie with sunglasses.


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