5 Wonderful Generation Z Wedding Trends to Consider

Weddings are beautiful occasions where we celebrate the love between two people. Weddings have changed tremendously since their invention. Every generation adds something to wedding ceremonies, which soon become a norm.

Generation Z is no different; they are trying very creative things at their weddings. The following are Gen Z wedding trends to consider even if you are a Gen X or boomer:


Simple Rings

In the past, you had to get your better half a huge engagement ring costing several months’ salary for the ring to be considered special. The wedding rings were the same though they were often less extravagant than the engagement ring. However, a trend Gen Z has run with is using simple wedding rings for the ceremony.

Younger couples say engagement rings are too expensive, and they would rather spend the money on other things such as the honeymoon or longer-term investments like buying a home. Technology has allowed newer techniques for sleek rings, reducing the demand for traditionally expensive rings.


Digital Wedding Albums

We live in a digital age, so it makes sense that wedding albums are also digital now. Gen Z has grown up with mobile devices; some have never even seen a traditional paperback wedding photo album.

There are many benefits to digital photo albums as they are easy to share, cheaper to make in numbers, and harder to damage. They are also easy to modify, and you will find plenty of customizable designs for wedding guest photo books.

These albums will last a lifetime because even if you lose your device, you can access it through cloud storage. In the future, they may be more advanced methods of relieving one of the best days of your life.


Unconventional Wedding Locations

Traditionally, there were very few options for wedding ceremony locations. You went to your church, mosque, or temple and then to the reception afterward. Gen Z is flipping the script on wedding locations and having their ceremonies in unusual places.

The post-pandemic effects on wedding receptions have cemented many of the changes. The woods and forests are becoming an increasingly favorable location for small and intimate ceremonies.

They offer a very peaceful and natural atmosphere which many couples want their wedding ceremony to have. You will also find wedding ceremonies on top of skyscrapers, caves, and many other places.


Dark Weddings

Weddings have traditionally been a ceremony full of white, cream, and other bright colors, but Gen Z is also turning this norm on its head. They are embracing having weddings with dark colors, which previously were reserved for solemn occasions like funerals.

You will see weddings with a dark-colored theme like black dressing or other colors that pair well with black like red or green. The ambiance will be the same as it depends on the people, but it certainly changes the appearance of a wedding.

It is challenging to think you can wear black as the bride, but some people pull it off and have a grand ceremony.


Celebrating Culture

Most of the world adopted the Victorina wedding ceremony rituals and norms from the 19th century. Therefore, most weddings you saw during the 20th century from Asia to Africa looked like traditional English weddings.

Things are changing, and people now have weddings where they celebrate their own culture. The best reason for having an unconventional wedding is to embrace your roots, which often leads to a more meaningful occasion. It will require different planning than a typical wedding, but you will enjoy the occasion and memories of it.

A lot is changing in the world, including how people have weddings. Gen Z is adopting various practices that are making weddings different from what they have been for the past two centuries. The trends above are the tip of the iceberg, and you should attend a Gen Z wedding to witness the trends yourself.

Photo: Image Source/Pixabay

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