Winter from the Heights


Winters can be beautiful and snow makes them all the more better. It all looks much smaller and quieter during winters. It’s actually been scientifically proven that sounds travel a lesser distance when it has snowed making the environment that much more silent. Today, we have prepared some scenes showing snow from a bird’s eye view.

Charming morning winter scene
A couple creating a heart shape on the snow
Snowboarder on the fresh untracked snow
Seals on the ice floe
A woman riding her bike on a trail in the snow
Ski pistes in mountains
Lofoten islands – winter
A herd of reindeer in tundra during winter
Ice and snow maze in Zakopane, Poland
Pond in wintertime
A winter scenery with pine trees and a meandering stream
Grand prismatic spring in Yellowstone national park in winter, Wyoming, USA
A car driving on an iced slippery road
Landscape with trees and road – Dolomites, Italy
A winter time in Karkonosze mountains in Poland
Winter snow covered forest and road

Photos: Shutterstock

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