Why Are Women Colder Than Men?

Before you gentlemen complain about your women turning up the heaters at home during these winter months, do take into account women actually do feel colder than men.

There are scientific reasons why most women feel they are freezing during winters.

Many studies have found that while body temperature does vary from person to person, day to day, women’s core body temperatures are consistently higher than males. This would lead one to think women should feel warmer in colder weather in offices and homes. However, the fact is, because the body of a woman is accustomed to feeling warm the ambient air feels even cooler to them, than to men.

Women who take birth control pills, apart from many other side effects some of which are quite serious, have a core body temperature almost twice as high compared to women who don’t. This is because birth control pills affect the female hormones. 

Core body temperature is at which the internal organs and the body system function.

According to a study published in a U.K. medical journal women’s extremities are usually colder than men’s by a few degrees. When the hands and feet suffer, the rest of the body also suffers.

Studies that have been published clearly state that the thermostat model for offices and public places was set in the 1960’s and this is followed till date. The model of the 60’s took into account that there were more males working in offices and thus the temperature was kept lower. Females were fewer in offices at that time and their voices were not heard. The same model is followed today in almost all countries. Time for women’s voices to be heard at long last.

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