Who Creates Your Public Opinion? Find the Answer in the New Youth Time Magazine Print Version (VIDEO)

If you think that public opinion, as a public concept, appeared in the US or Britain no more than three centuries ago, as some textbooks claim, then you are quite wrong. People always had an inherent need to take an interest in the opinions of others, and our remotest ancestors resorted to some very creative solutions in the absence of professional pollsters and methodologies.

Thousands of research projects of local and global scale, aimed at gathering and structuring majority opinion, are conducted on a daily basis. In case we still haven’t determined our own point of view, it could always be delivered to us on a tray under the guise of “natural” public opinion. But is such a dish necessarily nutritious and good for us? This decision rests with society, and not with us.

We will try to understand how public opinion appears, works and “dies” using experiments, interviews with professionals and common people.
The hero of our 27th issue is Vladimir Franz, in the Czech Republic known primarily as a composer, an artist, a writer, a poet and a playwright, who has won many awards and received a well-deserved recognition for his contribution to culture.

In addition, you will read about Youth Time Movement’s news, interesting educational opportunities around the world and the latest youth culture trends.

Enjoy and educate with us!

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