What Is Your Dog Saying? The Language Of Your Pet Dog

The last time we we talked about the signs cats use to communicate with us. In this article we let’s see the language of dogs – probably an even more popular pet. Dogs are communicative creatures and use their face quite a lot. Their ability to wrap their masters around their paws – figuratively speaking – is undeniable. Broadly speaking there are two kinds of dogs – the ones that frown and those who smile. They therefore, have different expressions too. Now let us look at what they are saying:

Bulldogs have a frown most of the time and the frown only deepens to show their state of mind.
On the other hand Labradors and several other breeds smile.
What you’re doing is not good manners from a view point of a dog. But I’ll tolerate you, a while.
Alertness : Ears go pointed upwards.
Relaxed Dogs – These guys love having pleasant smells pass through their nostrils.
Dog waiting for the next command – seems to be relaxed, but the ears and generally the body position suggests he is ready to get up anytime.
Another clear message: I am ready to go for walk
Relaxing on their back with an exposed belly is a sign of complete trust.
Positively a guilty dog – the eyeballs is one sign, the bent back and ears confirm it.
Even a Bulldog shows clear signs of guilt.
Snarling is a clear sign of a warning or an upcoming attack.

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