What Is Her Name? Oh. She Has Noname?

With her impeccable powers to tell the narrative of an urban youthful generation. Her majesty of Slap poetry and lyrical intelligence, Noname, graces the kingdom of Chicago and the globe with imperial rap poetry and wavy sounds of neo soul in her latest album, “Room 25”.


Sometimes the noises of life are too loud. We become consumed with the perfect image of us, instead of just facing the reflection with a tremendous grin. Why are we so critical of ourselves? We, as people, find that we put ourselves down so much due to this ideal image of what we strive to become. This paradigm of what is an “accurate perception” gets lost in this imagination of a better us.

We must embrace how we respond to life. We can’t keep creating misery around things that are completely in our control. Embracing your struggle doesn’t transpire as defeat, it shows the opposite. We become so consumed in the interactions we have in life, that we forget to breathe and just live! We put faith in people who shouldn’t have that persistent presence in our lives, and we decide on decisions that don’t better ourselves, but better others with ill intent. To be understanding of your emotions, show pure strength.

It’s particular music that makes you think in purifying catastrophic ways. Music has the power to open that space in your mind that waits for something amazing to fill in its place. Realizations, poetic symphonies that caress your eardrums, and lyrics that soothe your mind in the form of therapy. Music is healing. Music is the shoulder we all cry on. The angst and energy should not be forced into self-validation, but rather put forth for changing the world! Noname expresses the social issues surrounding her intellectual existence in the highly anticipated album, Room25”.

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No Name with No Room

Hailing from her urban kingdom of Bronzeville, Chicago, Fatimah Nyeema Warner (known as Noname) began her poetic rule of rapping through slap poetry in 2010. Slap poetry centers around poetry slams, which is a competition providing various spoken word poetry contestants, before a live audience and judges. Spoken word is a word-based poetic performance.

The oral art (at times fast-paced) focuses on word play, creativity, intonation, and voice inflection. Branching back to Ancient Greece, poetry was a thought-provoking outlet that communicated many cultures and issues. Rap/Hip Hop is a strong forefront of spoken word. Subgenres such as jazz poetry and comic poetry have developed globally over the past years. Being that Poetry slams were born in the land of Chicago in 1984, Noname became an important offspring to the movement of intellectual word play.

Noname further gained attention for her contributions from Hip Hop rapper, Chance the Rapper’s mixtape, “Acid jazz”. After her touch of mainstream fame, the artist released her debut mixtape “Telefone” in 2016. “Room 25” released September 14th 2018. “Room 25” generated much buzz throughout the world. Similar to young individuals in the artistic community, Noname made the album because she simply needed to pay rent!

In an interview, the lyrical rapper expressed that she could have extended her recent “Telefone” tour, but was tired of performing the past material. Noname paid for the entire album herself using the money from the past tour and multiple collaborations. Rolling Stones crowned the lyrical genius “One of the best rappers alive!” It is safe to say that her rent will be paid in full for the next month!

Growing up around the various literature of her mother’s bookstore, while embracing the essence of blues through Buddy Guy and Howlin Wolf, the incomparable rap genius continues to tour the global stage, in cities such as Prague, Paris and Berlin!

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No Name with No Fear

“Room 25” is a raw self-interpretation of Noname’s character, shortcomings, victories and past downfalls. The album contributes to the essence of the young adult movement through a hierarchical society. Her music heavily discusses restrictions and stigmas forced upon certain individuals through various walks of life.

However, the song “Window” paints this fairytale echo as the listener becomes lost in this sexually mannered trance of optimism. “Quit looking out the window. Go find yourself. Come get the bag with your kinfolk. Don’t doubt your wealth”. The longing and desire for a loved one lingers in the lyrics and yearning from the symphonic interpretation of the music.



This album made me recognize my strength and the power I have grappled with all my life. As I transitioned to a different life abroad from my busy mecca of smiles and opportunity (California) I felt eager, scared, excited, nervous but overall hopeful. As I began that next chapter of my life, where I depend on my prosperous upbringing of my sensational parents, to guide and aid my future life choices, I questioned at times what my purpose actually was! The last track entitled “Noname” creates an intensity surrounding the artist’s desire to be remembered.

Don’t let it pass you by


was a lyric that rang in my ear on the plane, that tearful goodbye of my beautiful mother and my productive nature deciding to leave a prominent mark on the world. The song brings a tear to the listener’s eyes as it allows us to reflect on our passions and the things we cherish in this hectic atmosphere of life.



It’s refreshing to just get out of your mind and start living! Your mind can hold you prisoner from accomplishing goals. Feeding an open mind with life knowledge and easy-going nature makes us smile from the top of our timid heads to the bottom of our dainty toes. That moment when you become accustomed to letting go of expectations that have been upon you by your very self and others, you will then understand that no one really cares! As long as you are birthing a flourishing vitality, then every breath is worth taking!

These inner cries for insecure freedom make this album a strong 9 out of 10. The only problem is, that the content is too short! The album truly makes you want more, like a little kid begging for some delicate chocolate ice cream. If you are having an unmotivated day filled with strange thoughts paired with melancholy moments of internal questioning, this album is for you.

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Photo: Shutterstock / Edited by: Martina Advaney

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