What Do Our Homes Say About Us?

The home is where the heart is, or should it be? Whether you're a minimalist or a hoarder, your home says something about you.

There was a time when I was living in a very cheap apartment as a studio, in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo, and I didn’t really invest much into making my living place all glamorous and comfy. 

Not because I did not want to, but quite frankly, because my finances were quite limited at the time – studying and paying rent. 

I went out with my friends, colleagues who would stay up all night and sometimes crash into each other’s houses – but for me, that tiny space of an apartment was always the most blissful place to come back to. 

It’s pink walls, my bed, the frozen food and leftovers I had in the fridge, my pile of clothes and the lovely sofa. That was pretty much it! 

So why do we end up being so drawn from the space we call home, when we could maybe be spending the time in luxurious houses of friends, lovers, or even hotel rooms! 

The answer to this, I learned much later in life, when I became a little bit more attentive to the things I have within my apartment, and my desperate need to be around those things. 

At the time, I did not have many items to be attached to – however, I got attached to the safe space that I had created for myself. 

The safety of knowing exactly where your things are, of knowing exactly what you have in your fridge and the need to be completely, utterly, my weirdest self in a place where no one else can judge or share an opinion on my behaviour, good or bad.

The gravity of your home? This is exactly what it means. Our home reminds us of who we were, who we are and who we have become. 


Changing Rooms

My current apartment does this the best, at least for me. I have bits of my past and present laying all around the house. The paintings I own take me back to the time where I bought them, all the traveling, all the people I have met and artists I have shared my dreams with.

The plants I have now remind me every day that I am becoming a more caring person. I couldn’t care less about plants and flowers until about a year ago. 

I accidentally poured water on a dried, dead flower that had been left on my balcony by a friend – and guess what? The plant bloomed the very next day!! I was amazed at the amount of life that depended on me, that depended on my care, and my shared time to simply pour some water above them. 

So I started obsessing over flowers, and the plants in my house remind me of this very loving story every time I look at them and every time I water them.

Each item speaks to me, and treats me with tenderness, while reminiscing the times we have lived along with the times we are living. My cushions and my couch literally embrace me in their cozy feels whenever I get back from work. 

The antique vases I have collected speak about my personality and my love for vintage pieces. 

The jewellery which you can find in every corner of my apartment talk to me and remind me that I am a messy, bohemian woman with diverse styles and an ever-changing taste. 

Generally speaking, our houses are us. They become the thoughts we pour into them, the love we spread and the sort of life we want to lead. No wonder we’re drawn to them so much. So I advise you to go and talk to your personal items within your house. See what they say about you, as you’ll be surprised. 

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