Weekend Picks: Poetry Collections Which Will Mesmerize

In spite of the fact that poetry is frequently rejected, poets today are putting forth the absolutely most crucial work. They write as if they have set their heartbeats to music. Extraordinary artists record their strides as they travel through life. These histories are more genuine and considerably more illustrative of our present time, for it isn't the actualities they report or the philosophies they praise but the musicality of their emotions.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur 

Milk and Honey is a unique collection of both poetry and prose, about survival, life, and love. It is about the experience of brutality, misfortune, and womanhood. It is divided into four sections, and every section tackles an alternate need, manages an alternate agony, an alternate anguish. Milk and Honey takes the reader on a trip through the darkest moments in life and discovers light in them.

Milk and Honey tears through your analytical side and tunnels into the ultra-delicate parts of your soul. Even if you don’t know a great deal about verse, but rather do know about feelings, then Rupi Kaur can carry every single emotion. She expounds on adoration and misfortune, injury, and womanlhood.

Calling women pretty:
“i want to apologize to all the women
i have called pretty
before i’ve called them intelligent or brave
i am sorry i made it sound as though
something as simple as what you’re born with
is the most you have to be proud of when your
spirit has crushed mountains
from now on i will say things like
you are resilient or you are extraordinary
not because i don’t think you’re pretty
but because you are so much more than that”

“you are in the habit
of co-depending
on people to
make up for what
you think you lack

Being tricked
“into believing
another person
was meant to complete you
when the most they can do is complement”

“most importantly love
like it’s the only thing you know how
at the end of the day all this
means nothing
this page
where you’re sitting
your degree
your job
the money
nothing even matters
except love and human connection
who you loved
and how deeply you loved them
how you touched the people around you
and how much you gave them” 

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

A cautionary tale conveyed in verse, in which fifteen-year-old Will is compelled to consider the potential results of his activities as he, armed and looking for revenge, is waiting for the lift.


that says DO NOT CROSS
gets put up, and there’s nothing 
left to do but go home. 

That tape lets people know
that this is a murder scene, 
as if we ain’t already know that. 

The crowd backs its way into 
buildings and down blocks
until nothing is left but the tape. 

Shawn was zipped into a bag 
and rolled away, his blood added
to the pavement galaxy of

bubblegum stars. The tape 
framed it like it was art. And the next
day, kids would play mummy with it.

It’s nearly wizardry, the power that can originate from a couple of words. This book is just 300+ pages long, and will just take you an hour or two to finish, but it will give you an amazing outlook on today’s social climate.

Long Way Down is yesterday and today and tomorrow. That is the thing which makes this book essential regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t offer any answers per se. It is an honest recommendation to read and discover.

Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book by Jomny Sun

This is an illustrated story about a lonely alien who is sent to observe Earth, where he meets many sorts of creatures with different perspectives on love, life, and happiness. He is also learning how to feel a bit better about himself, following one quite famous Twitter account.

Continually feeling isolated, even among his own species, Jomny feels at home only among the earthlings he meets. There is a bear who is tired of different animals running in fear, an egg that is attempting to choose what to incubate into, a turtle that is concealing itself by learning cover, a puppy that is attempting to express its actual emotions, and many more.

“we will always be with u. we internalize traits we observe in others as a way to honor and remember them. we are all living memorials”

The characters are novel and innovative—honey bees take some time to consider what adoring something actually means, little birds attempt to eat the Sun, nothingness addresses its own particular presence, a ghost deals with kicking the bucket, and a shy hedgehog gradually gives Jomny a chance to see its artistic creations.

“Hmm… Well I guess everybody tells me i am too small and too slow to make a diference in this world but i am makimg a diference in my own world and i hope that is enough” 

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