Want to plan a day out in Manchester? Here are some of the places you must visit

Manchester. The heart of the industrial revolution. The birthplace of the first computer. The city of innovation.

It is hardly a surprise that one study showed Manchester receives a whopping 57.8 million day visits a year. People from all corners of the world gather here for one purpose: to marvel at its spectacular sights from the John Rylands library to the famous Midlands Hotel (the meeting place of none other than Mr Rolls and Mr Royce).


Imperial war museum

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Just a stone’s throw away from media city in Salford, is the personal favourite of many historians: The imperial war museum. It’s peculiar yet certainly -eye catching structure, symbolises a shattered globe (which was certainly representative of the planet after WWII). The inside of the building is also intentionally disorientated; there are no right angles in the main exhibition space, no natural lights, and fluctuating temperatures – all intended to intensify a visitor’s experience.


Media City

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Media city’s auspicious opening which featured an appearance from The Queen herself, paved the way for a bright future. The cluster of buildings on the edge of the lake, are a powerhouse of entertainment, news and culture. There are countless activities to take part in like the ‘I’m a celebrity jungle challenge’, or for younger children, a live reading of CBeebies bedtime stories. In the past, events have included the neon swim, against the background of the brightly lit buildings at night as well as musical boat rides. Salford Quays is also home to a theatre where you’ll be spoilt for choice with options  currently including Blood Brothers, Titanic and Pride and Prejudice. If you fancy a bite to eat afterwards, you can book a ‘Box on the dock’ where you can enjoy riverside dining with friends in a cosy box overlooking the water.


The Trafford Centre

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Of course, a trip to Manchester would be incomplete without a visit to the renowned ‘Trafford centre’. With its numerous stone statues that line the corridors and its glass domes, it’s a cross between Greek and contemporary architecture. Not to mention that it is filled to the brim with an assortment of weird, wonderful, and wacky shops. Some, like ‘Ye olde sweet shop’ that could take you back to your childhood perhaps and others, like Apple, that have a more modern touch. Yet amongst all the hustle and bustle, each shop fits in its own way, welcoming all. There’s also plenty of activities for those who want something more stimulating. For younger children and families, interactive experiences include Legoland Discovery Centre as well as Sea life Manchester which includes an aquarium home to turtles and different types of fish. For slightly more mature groups of friends, there is also an indoor golf course which is suitable for beginners.


John Rylands library

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John Rylands library will take you back in time, with its gothic interior, showcased by its looming stone archways and lanterns that line the corridors. Upon Rylands death, his third wife, Enriqueta Rylands, set the wheels in motion for the development of the library. The library contains a spectacular reading room, which almost looks like a grand cathedral. Running across the length of the room are long glass-encased tables with texts and scripts within them. There are also special collections  of priceless and unique manuscripts, some of which can be viewed on request. Some of these ancient texts include medieval manuscripts as well as personal writings belonging to notable Mancunian figures like Elizabeth Gaskell.


The Curry Mile

If you feel a bit peckish after your whistle-stop tour, look no further than The Curry mile. Bustling with life, this hub of food ropes in people of all ages and demographics. With their loud signs and delicious aromas, all the shops contend with each other to gather as many customers as possible and I dare say it’s worked. The busy road contains foods of varying cultures and particularly South Asian, Mediterranean and Italian choices. There’s no shortage of dessert shops either for those that have a sweet tooth with many shops offering cakes and many variations of chai and bubble tea.

Manchester: often known as the UK’s second most prominent city and I’m sure you can see why that is hardly a surprise.



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