An Exploration of the Romantic City of Verona


Here are some tips and places that should definitely be visited once you arrive in Verona. Dive into the William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet….

Find yourself in one of the most romantic cities around the world by experiencing the place where William Shakespeare set his play Romeo and Juliet. Feel the tranquility of the city, where the two fiction characters ended their love tragically. By all means, it’s the place where you can find an escape for one of the most romantic moments of your life. Although the play is a fiction set by Shakespeare, this city attracts a lot of visitors each year.

Explore the City

Walk into the beautiful Pizza Bra, considered one of the largest squares in Europe. Sit at the park at the center of the square, by navigating through 2,000 years of history. Just in front of you there lays a beautiful arena, built in the 1st century AD by the Flavian emperors, where for over 400 years; gladiators fought and entertained the crowd. It’s considered as the third largest arena in all of Italy. During the 12th century, due to several earthquakes, the arena resulted on some serious damages, where some parts of this amphitheater were removed. Even though the arena has gone through various changes throughout history, it remained to keep its originality from the ancient time. Today one of the most famous operas, attracting many visitors around the world are held here.

The way that the arena was built is so interesting, in a way where the water was brought in a very complex hydraulic system, made it easy for the water to be used inside for the spectacular games, but also to clean up afterwards.  

Juliet’s Balcony

Walking down the Pizza delle Erbe, which is considered as the heart of Verona, you will find yourself standing at the house where William Shakespeare set his play Romeo and Juliet. Considered as the most famous balcony in the entire world, this story is one of the main reasons why this city is attracted by so many travelers worldwide. You can visit from Tuesday to Sunday, starting from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, and Monday from 1:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Entrance tickets are around 5 €.

In case you’ve seen the movie “Letters to Juliet,” the place will look quite familiar. Have a closer look at the place where the movie was shot. As you make your way through the courtyard entrance, you have the chance to read love letters written from people around the world who came to visit Juliet’s house. They are each stuck on the wall, each of them containing love theme words. Walking further, there stands a bronze statue of Juliet, where visitors have the chance to touch the right breast, according to the myth; it brings luck to those who are in search of true love.

Lamberti’s Tower

There are more places to explore in the city of love. Take the stairs or the elevator, which takes you to the top of the Lamberti tower to experience one of the most magnificent views you could possibly see.

Built by the Lamberti family in 1172, it is located right at the Piazza Erbe, a symbol of wealth and power during that time. As for every tower, Lamberti Tower kept the regular time and also regulated life back then: by ringing the Rengo and the Marnogona bells.

Roman Theater

The Roman Theater was also built during the 1st century, during a time where the Roman Arena was also built. Located just on the side of the river today is used for many artistic and cultural events like jazz and ballet performances, dramas from Shakespeare. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30am- 19:30 pm. Entrance costs around 6€, and for groups of 20, is 1€.


Castelvecchio Museum

The Castelvecchio Museum was built as a defense to find an escape for families if the revolt accrued from the Austrian relative lives. At the Castelvecchio Museum, you can find a collection of early art, each selected in twenty-nine rooms. Starting from the Romanesque and gothic sculptures, located on the ground floor, to the gothic painting and Pisanello. It’s open every day starting from 8:30am to 19:30pm. Prices vary, for individuals it is 6€, and groups of 14 is 1 €.


Eat, Explore and Stay…

The historical place of Verona offers variety of international and local food. Its cuisine is influenced by Venetian cuisine, but also has its own oddity. If you are looking for a good restaurant, that will not be a problem. There are numerous choices starting from ristorante, trattorias, pizzerias, osterias, which are located near the busy streets of Verona. Once you arrive in Verona, it’s best to try the local food like Bardolino, Valpolicella, and Soave or Pastissade de Caval, which is made with the horse meat, here are some recommended restaurants. Here are some famous recommended restaurants.


Osteria Sottoriva – is one of the most famous restaurants to have lunch or dinner. Prices depend on the menu. You could have servizio lente, then following with trippa ala parmigiana(braised tripe) with crepes , priced around 6€ and 8€.

Trattoria Papa e Cicia – this is a place where you can find the cheapest dining price. Located across the river, not far from the old town tourist attractions. You can have two courses, feast off pasta included with wine and water for 10€. Each evening the pasta served could change; with mashrooms, seafood etc.

Pescheria I Masenini – is located near the river and very close to Castelvecchio Museum. It offers a variety of food, seafood, international food, and local food. You can have Bucatini pasta with Amatricana sauce for 11€, or pork shank on the spit for 18€.

Recommended places to stay:

You can find cheap prices within few km from the center of Verona.

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