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One of the basic human needs is security. These is one of the main purpose of payment cardsInstead of cash, which attracts thieves or just can be lost, you can […]

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One of the basic human needs is security. These is one of the main purpose of payment cardsInstead of cash, which attracts thieves or just can be lost, you can carry a small piece of plastic in your wallet and use for your payment needs

Virtual cards are a new payment product that takes security to a new level. Now you can pay for purchases with Visa virtual card, without its physical plastic carrier. It can be used to pay for goods and services on the Internet.

Features of virtual cards

A virtual card has similar details to the classic payment card:

  • number;
  • owner or  just company name
  • expiration date; 
  • Three-digit security code (CVV).

Just like a classic physical payment card , a virtual card belongs to the Visa or MasterCard or other payment schemes It can be debit or credit. You can pay for goods and services at POS terminals and online stores. And if you order a physical carrier, you can withdraw cash from ATMs with the virtual card. You can do this without restriction in any part of the world.

There is no need to go to the bank personally to get a virtual card. You can do it through Mobile App, or via Mobile App using your smart phone. Since there is no physical carrier but only the bank details of the virtual card, the owner receives them instantly after submitting the appropriate application.

Many Internet users are afraid to make purchases online because they are afraid to transfer their bank card details over the Internet. A disposable virtual card can be issued with a minimum balance, which will be enough for a single purchase. A new card can be issued for each new purchase. In this case, even if an intruder gets hold of bank details, the amount he will be able to steal will be insignificant.

Advantages of a virtual card from Wallester

Wallester offers the issue of virtual cards, which can be used to pay for online purchases wherever Visa cards are accepted. It is a convenient payment tool that has the following advantages:

  • is issued digitally, so its owner can use the product immediately after ordering within a set monetary limit;
  • it can be connected to digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.;
  • it can be transformed into a physical card for this purpose. It is enough to order a plastic copy of the virtual card;
  • it allows to make online purchases and pay for goods and services through POS terminals, and in case of ordering a plastic copy, even to withdraw cash from ATMs.

All transactions made with the virtual card are secure. This is made possible because Wallester uses the 2 factors authentication technology 3D Secure. This technology makes the use of the card secure and confidential.

Wallester virtual card has a limited validity period, and it is possible to set payment limits for a specific purchase. This provides additional security guarantees. Even if a fraudster steals the card data, the catch will be only the amount allocated for a specific purchase.

A nice bonus for Wallester virtual cardholders is the ability to choose their color. The instant card can be blue, white, orange, red, or green.

If you value your time and don’t want to waste it waiting, order instant virtual card issuance from Wallester. They are convenient and secure to use. They are always with you, don’t demagnetise, don’t get forgotten at home, and don’t get lost.


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