Here is the Video that is Saving the Lives of Insomniacs


The fact that this video has become part of a research for relaxation therapy means that there is some science on it.

The subject of this video is a waterfall somewhere in Ireland, and it is interesting because it was published on YouTube on July 2013, but it has become famous just last few months, and now loads of people who suffer from insomnia are sharing their experiences and how this video is helping them to be relaxed and have normal sleeping.  

Length of the video is 8 hours and 20 minutes and so far has reached more than 7 million views, and now some hospitals in London are using it on their research projects.

Author of this video is Johnnie Lawson uploaded this video without the clue that it would create such impact, Lawson was filmed up to 174 videos with the original views and sounds of rivers and lakes in different places.

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