Vanishing Monuments Around the World

The world is a place of constant change. All kinds of monumental creations are experiencing the irreversible ravages of time. This is sometimes, unfortunately, speeded up by the actions of people. Today we will visit a few monuments that, for various reasons, have started vanishing a little faster that they should have.

Palmyra, Syria
was badly damaged during the time the town was controlled by Islamic state

Palmyra, Syria

Venice, Italy
is long facing dangerously increasing water levels that may eventually flood the town completely. The blame might go to global warming in combination with the local industries

High water in St. Mark square in Venice, Italy

The old town of Jerusalem, Israel
The maintenance of many monuments within the Old Town seems to be taking way too long. The number of tourists every year only add to the unhappy situation

Jerusalem Old City

Zabid, Yemen
The Old City is slowly crumbling down due to the economical issues

Zabid´s street, Yemen

Ancient City of Aleppo, Syria
Citadel at Aleppo before the war lasting 2012 – 2016. It is estimated that about 30% of the ancient part has been damaged

Citadel at Aleppo, Syria before the war. Dated 2007

Mosul, Iraq
The systematic raiding and demolition of monuments by Islamic state has been going on in several countries, Iraq not excluded. Ancient Hatra was practically destroyed.

Picture of destroyed grave of Prophet Jonah in Mosul

Chan Chan, Peru
Corrosion, flooding – Nature in general – have been working on the ancient town Chan Chan.

Chan Chan Ruins in Peru

Photos: Shutterstock

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