U’ve Been Psyched Conference 2021: Gathering Mental Health Leaders to Create a Powerful, Resilient Mindset

U've Been Psyched is looking to make a difference by gathering mental health leaders. We looked ahead to their main conference next week.

U’ve Been Psyched is a platform that thrives on personal development, empowering people to create mega-breakthroughs, and giving them a chance to live their best lives. 

It aims for a space that is dedicated to encouraging meaningful conversation, led by top experts, to connect, empower, and motivate its audience, enabling them to transform the quality of life.   

We spoke to Arslan Larik, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer and Co-host of the U’ve Been Psyched 2021 Conference– Supercharging your life, to see how this looks in practice, and to hear more about the conference. 

This mental health conference, taking place on 15th of March, is catered towards creating constructive dialogue around mental health topics, including the best ways to deal with tough times, building resilience, and creating more happiness in one’s life. 

Read on to learn more about the contribution of U’ve Been Psyched, and to benefit from the special discount coupon for all Youth Time readers who sign up through our platform. 


Inspiring One Life At A Time

Its main focus is to enable learning, and create awareness around importance to techniques such as coaching and therapy which a common individual member can adapt, acquire and attune to. 

“During this journey they see the importance of it and the need to eradicate the stigma associated with it,” Larik explains, while adding that everyone has the right to a quality life. 

“We wish to reach out to people via social and digital platforms, making this accessible to those who haven’t been given the opportunity. 

“We wish to bring that opportunity to each and every person who is willing to commit towards enabling themselves and the loved ones around them. “

Arslan Larik U've Been Psyched
Making A Difference: U’ve Been Psyched’s Arslan Larik

U’ve Been Psyched is bringing in community experts across the globe in the field of mental health advocating the best practices and creating the awareness that all that, that is being taught, is not applicable unless practiced. 

Larik added: “We as recipients need to take massive action in terms of modelling success and to adapt that which works. 

“We aim to inspire one life at a time and that is tangible. All it takes is that one person and some spark of curiosity and willingness to learn, to open their hearts towards actualising and prioritising their wellbeing for progress. 

“I don’t think there is anything more tangible in today’s day than having the hope to relax, take some time out to understand all that happens around and generate positive thinking towards setting goals that can contribute to positive change.”


The Three Ways Towards Success 

As their mission is to create a voice that follows transformation through advocacy, training and conversations, Larik further draws attention to their key achievements on this.

“While you are reading this, then, it’s not close to what we are achieving rather we have achieved it to bring to you what successful people do and should do.”  

According to him, there are three ways towards success:

One is by reinventing the wheel and that is a good practice yet not applicable to access for all as it leverages on high investment, cost and research to it. 

The second is to keep doing what we do, and for some it works, yet the COVID-19 changed all that and created a realisation that what got us here, will or might not be sufficient to get where we desire. 

“We want to promote the third way of being that is to coach yourself and model the thought leaders.”

Conference Speaker Panel 15th March
Speaking Up: The Conference Panel Happening on 15th March

He believes that the wellbeing of self is a new model, it’s about equipping yourself with a coaching mindset and to be ever ready to combat the areas that disempower us. 

“Such as Negative Thinking, Negative Emotions, Limiting Beliefs and Inner Conflicts.”

We want to create possibilities towards “why not have”; rather Positive Thinking, Positive Learning, Empowering Beliefs and Values Alignment on the go.  

Success is important to you and us both, we want you to join us in this enabling mission towards success for the society at large. 


A Meaningful Presence of Young People 

Youth is what U’ve Been Psyched banks on.

“They [young people] are the future to how our world unfolds post 2020.” he goes ahead.

“The total stats indicate the youth’s presence over the global social and digital platforms is commendable. Yet we want to make that presence more meaningful. 

“We wish to establish collaborations, ambassador program initiatives and create a wide variety of social action projects that they can take on.”

In the near future, they will launch coaching programmes especially designed to enable youth to become change makers in their society. 

“We also envision working with those young people who are ‘at-risk’, in order for them to reintegrate back into the society successfully.”


Join the Conference Plus Benefit from the Youth Time Discount 

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Still thinking whether you should join the conference? Click here to find out more reasons why you should attend.

Those who are interested in being the ambassador of the initiative can simply write to them at connect@uvebeenpsyched.com

Arslan Larik, Founder of Arslan Larik & Company (AL&CO), has over a decade of exposure in Consulting, Therapy, Coaching, and Training. His core areas of strength are Organizational Development, Marketing, and Sales and Human Behaviour (soft skills). 

This has led him to impart knowledge and skills for performance enhancement to teams in social/education and corporate sectors.

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