Unusual Professions – Yoga Instructor


The pace of life is speeding up every day, and no wonder there are so many people stressed and unhappy with their situation. Is it a good time to stop and think? How about if there is a profession that is based on the exact opposite – calm and peace? Yes, we are talking about today´s unusual profession – Yoga Instructor. Relax, and continue reading.


– The formal requirement is to have finished high school and pay a fee.
– No need to mention that there should be a deep interest in yoga and yoga philosophy.


– Learn the techniques of yoga depending on the chosen school. Usually the major direction is based on hatha yoga.
– The Yoga instructor is responsible for advising the individual on excercising and leading the class with this in mind.
– The instructor should know the limits of his/her students and also the current state of their health (high blood pressure, past operations, and also pregnancy with women) and recommend the type of assanas accordingly.
– The Course will also teach the future Yoga Instructor the basics of first aid.
– The instructor should be able to work with both groups and individuals, and should be able to communicate and listen.
– The instructor should be equipped to offer suitable advice for students within his or her ability and capacity.

Instruction in teaching yoga can be undertaken as a formal university study, depending on recognition in different countries. Historically, India for example is the country with the longest tradition of yoga and therefore offers formal studies, which can also be found in many other countries. Another option is to do a requalification course that takes comparatively less time to complete, appoximately 240 hours.


Yoga fees are very variable and depend a lot on the region. The United States median is $24.96 per hour. The length of one session is usually from 1 – 2 hours.

And most importantly while you are earning a living as a yoga instructor, you are simultaneusly improving both your physical condition and your psyche.

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