What It Takes To Become A Video-Game Tester? YT Unusual Professions

What a job to have - sitting all day long, doing what you might have been doing for fun otherwise. That is what being a Video Game Tester is about. But there is only one tiny hitch – you actually are the video game´s fan. How it is in reality? Scroll down and find out.

So what does the profession involve? 

Although this is a dream job, it does require focusing on the complexities of newly invented games. The Video Game Tester doesn´t play a game the way a customer would. The tester needs to uncover the problems that might occur later, whether it is in the programming or in the design. Hand in hand with the job goes the need to report all the problems and bugs that must be fixed before launching the product on the market.

Part of the deal is the usual rutine of any other office job, like attending meetings, taking care of correspondence, etc.

What does the job pay?

The usual rate of compensation in this profession ranges between USD 10 – 18 per hour.

The position can be temporary or permanent. It is within a rapidly growing industry which produces a large number of new games every year, and therefore the number of positions is not expected to contract anytime soon.

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