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Another week has passed, and we at YT have yet another profession to put before you, whether you are considering a new career or trying to re-qualify. Those who are already engaged in this practice say that there is a sizeable number of people in this profession who were not specifically educated for it, and have learned from on-the-job training instead. What,then, is required to become a paralegal?

Although there are formal  courses to prepare students for careers as paralegals, it is also common for people to achieve job placement without job-specific schooling.  A Bachelor‘s degree, however, is required. 

Paralegals usually work for law firms or government agencies.  Among their duties are maintaining and organizing files, doing legal research, drafting documents, helping to prepare for hearings or trials, and delivering documents to and from the courthouse. 

A suitable candidate needs to possess great organizational, research and investigative skills, an ability to communicate, and an aptitude for writing. Since working in a team is essential – the right candidate will also be a team player

Under no cirsumstances may a paralegal provide any – even basic – legal advice to clients. 

The median compensation in 2015 was $48,81000 per year or $23.47 per hour.

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