Unusual Professions – Mountain Guide

You don’t have to be aiming for the Everest if you want to be a mountain guide. There are mountains all over the world and most countries need mountain guides. The profession also happens to be well paying in addition to filling your wants and desires for adventure.

There are many schools and associations around the world, that will train you to become a mountain guide, including the American Mountain Guides Association or you could visit the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association at their web site. Many associations on a worldwide basis are members of the Federation. You could even train under an experienced mountain guide.

Whom are you going to work for ?

Independently or if you prefer to be employed, many hotels, institutions and resorts would be willing to hire you.

Compensation :

Is quite excellent and ranges from US$ 100 to 500 per day if you are to be self employed and for those who prefer the security of employment the salary begins at $ 3000 to 4000, plus of course the tips.

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