Unusual Professions – Mermaid


Ever fantasize about being born a mermaid or meeting one when you were little? You can actually be one. Wearing the costume, mingling with children and sea life, you can live out your fantasy. It is an unusual and very exciting job. Check out our video.

There are no schools to train you though some of the aquariums have a special training program lasting 2 to 3 months. The job doesn’t require any special qualifications except that you must be a good swimmer and a diver, have good acting and entertaining skills and are one of those who enjoy the exposure and contact with people, most especially children. Interestingly, even corporates are sometimes keen on having a mermaid or three during their poolside events.

Whom are you going to work for?

Although not usually advertised, many waterparks, marine parks and aquariums around the world have an opening for a mermaid. All you have to do is call them and ask.

Compensation :

Compensation, even though variable, is often good, ranging upwards of USD 30 an hour and sometimes going much higher.

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