What It Takes To Become A Food Critic? YT Unusual Professions


If you’re a food lover, what better way to make a living than being a food critic. The profession allows you to eat in a range of restaurants. A fair minded food critic makes sure she or he knows the ropes and the workings of a restaurant in great detail. Additionally of course, having an eye for detail and good taste buds is important. It does help if you have an outgoing spirit and are open minded about the vastly different cuisines from most parts of the world.

The best of food critics and those having their own shows on the television, educate themselves on the various foods in many parts of the world, travel and mingle with a host of cultures. They don’t just head for the nearest five star restaurant.

How to qualifiy?

In addition to the above, good to great writing skills are necessary. This can be obtained through a university degree in journalism or through apprenticeship. If you want to go a step further you can even work for a limited period in a restaurant before embarking on your career.


The mean number is around 90,000 US dollars per anum. But then this is just the mean number and once you acquire a name for yourself and develop a following, the figures go on the up and up.

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