Unusual Professions – Community Arts Worker


Community arts workers help local people, whether as a group or as individuals, to use art as a form of personal development and improvment. Often the sectors to be addressed are communities with social, cultural, or environmental problems, such as young people, homeless people, disabled people, ethnic minorities, the elderly, or drug or alcohol addicts. The range of works covers crafts, dancing, film, creative writing, music, and others.


– working closely with the group and discussing and trying to meet their needs

– designing programmes and workshops

– teaching various techniques within the field

– helping to organise one-time events and longer-running projects, too

– researching and hiring professionals to participate in the project

– advising

– fundraising 

The profession usually embraces more than just art. A good part of the job is also administration


Although the position of Community arts worker is open to all graduates, there are particular areas of study – including art, design, music, theatre, or teaching – that increase the chance of getting a job.


Starting salaries for administrative work can start at USD 20.000. Senior executives start at USD 38.000, which also requires strong experience and strategy skills. 


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