Unusual Professions: Chief Listening Officer

If you feel at home on social networks, you might want to look into this  opportunity. It's one of those jobs where no particular education is crucial to finding a position in the field, although a minimum requirement is obtaining a master’s degree in areas like business administration, marketing, or human resources. We are talking about Chief Listening Officer - a brand new profession that has arisen as a response to accelerating customer activity requiring constant attention and a response capability from corporate side.

Imagine that you are comfortable in the regular activities on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, and so on. Your job is to keep track of these platforms to find out what people are  reporting and posting about the company you are working for. After that you work out a report addressing the particular issues people  have  mentioned and tips as to what your company could change to meet customers‘ expectations – basically how to improve. Similarly, feedback from the public on positively reviewed products or services can  point the way  to future  innovations. The profession   concerns itself generally with improving the company.

Why this is an important position is quite obvious. If the company is not flexible enough, it can easily get lost in the welter of reactions from customers on social networks and can fail to address customers and their needs. On the other hand a person paying attention strictly to this area can, with experience, determine what is just background noise, and which posts are worth investigating a bit more.

Chief Listening Officer is a new profession as mentioned above, but not badly paid. The average yearly salary is between $38,960 – $71,820.

Watch video of Beth LaPierre, Chief Listening Officer, Eastman Kodak Co

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