How To Become A Pastry Chef? YT Careers Tips

Yes, you would say: why a baker? But. Have you notice the number of newly-opened shops specializing just in bread or in pastry in general? Hand-in-hand goes the number of people visiting them, of course. People get fed up with all that is artificial and – more importantly – all that tastes the same with the products from large manufacturers that have flooded the market. Why not, then, become a pastry chef and an artist?

There are literally thousands of different courses covering different types of pastry, but it is important to complete a course which is accredited. Since baking is all about working with food, it is also subject to certain norms of hygiene that lead to a requirement for licensing before starting a business. 

The most essential quality for a potential baker would be a passion for a life in the kitchen. Bakers are usually quite good-natured people. Baking is not a science, but rather requires a positive approach, good skills, and patience. If self-employed, a baker will often also be someone who meets customers and therefore should be warm with people so that they come back.

A median salary is $24,170 per year, but bakers‘ salaries normally start at $18,140 and go up to $38,400. Of course there is always the option of becoming your own boss and eventually earning even more.

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