Unusual Profession – Tatoo Artist


An age-old form of body decoration, which over the years has been acceptable and not acceptable to varying degrees, is seen today across a broad spectrum of the population. How does one become a tatoo artist? That´s what this article is all about. Scroll down and find out more, including a video of Tattoo Artist Kim Saigh


To become a Tatooist, the Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT) recommends spending three years in an apprenticeship. 

It is also possible to take an acredited requalification course that usually take approximately 600 hours. The pre-condition for the second option is to be a beautician or to have previously studied another requalification course to become a beautician. 

Most states also require getting a license for this profession. That means logging a minimum required number of hours under supervised training before starting your own career as a Tatoo Artist.


At the top of the list, this field absolutely requires creativity and artistic ability. That goes hand-in-hand with building an individual portfolio of your best work, preferably reflecting a variety of styles. 

An ability to meet with people regularly, exhibiting a pleasant and also pleasing personality as a source of comfort to the customers. 

Tattooing, while cool, is a painful procedure in the last analysis, and therefore an ability to be patient with customers is important. 

Hygiene is also an essential part of the tattoo business. It is important to keep this very important point in mind while handling the instruments, particularly the needles. 

No less important is a willingness to continue studying and keeping oneself updated


The median annual salary of a Tatoo Artist is, acording to payscale.com, $30,600.

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