Untidiness Creates Disturbed Energies – Why it is Important to Keep Things in Order

Ancient sciences have been teaching it and have been alternately accepted and ignored over many long centuries. Feng Shui or Vastu are teaching not only that we should keep things and ourselves straight and our accounts in order to achieve well-deserved success, but also that where there is a mess, there cannot be order in the mind. Now, when modern science comes to the same conclusion - it is confirmed and we can breathe again. With tidiness all around us, we will feel better, reduce tension, and argue less. Especially in the long run.

Harmony begins with balancing the elements in relation to the magnetism of the Earth.

Ancient sciences provide good guidelines to keep a positive flow of energies resulting in an overall feeling of well being.

Untidy surroundings can cause demotivation.

Extremely unwelcoming environment causes decrease in productivity.

Dirty dishes and unironed clothes are commonly seen in many households.

Which one is better?

When shared, cleaning will be faster.

Harmony is not only about balancing the elements, tidiness plays an important role too.

Tidiness has more to it than just looking good.

Clean and functional places add to the peace of mind.

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