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There are stories – stories about collosal personalities and then there stories about the modest ones – that also deserve to be told. The weekly movie tips this time are dedicated to the second category.

Unpretentious Lives
From the movie Marriage Story: Unpretentious Lives

People like us or unpretentious lives

Unpretentious lives in families, sometimes are complicated. Sam could tell you about his own. After his father dies, Sam unwillingly returns to his mother to sort things out. He never considered his relationship with his father very good but what is to come in the will manages to shock him. Inspired by true events.


Marriage story

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in a comedy-drama of one divorcing couple. The story reflects the transformation the couple goes through until things get ugly. Thumbs up also to the many secondary characters who manage to lighten up what could otherwise slip into a heavy atmosphere.


Mrs. Fletcher

The last one is a mini-series from the production of HBO based on the bestseller by Tom Perrott. The syndrome of an empty nest in which Eva is caught up gets pretty tough. After her son leaves for university where he himself faces hard times, Eva finds herself indulging in sexual fantasies and online porn.

Despite certain weak points through the episodes, the story stabilizes quite well towards the second half, ending and leaving the viewers with expectations and hope for the second season.

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