University Scholarships For International Students – Qatar

Billions of dollars are spent by the country each year for the development of infrastructure and industry. Their airlines too keeps expanding and has been among the top 10 in the world for quite some time now.

Since the focus is on the future of the economy there are a number of scholarship programs for international students.

Fully funded Qatar University Scholarship: Available to accomplished students from all parts of the world, the university offers full scholarships for those interested in joining for the masters or PhD programs and also other scholarships for undergraduate programs.
Available scholarships

Qatar Foundation: Merit based and need based, the foundation offers a number of scholarships. Additionally, they offer interest free loans to students. The foundation partners with both institutions and industry.
Availabler scholarships

Doha Institute: Doha is the capital of the country and the Doha Institute too has several programs. The scholarships from this institute are based on merit, need and competition.
Available scholarships

Qatar Petrochemical Company: QAPCO as it is commonly known recognizes the fact that they will continue to need professionally qualified personnel. To this effect the company offers scholarships mainly for undergraduate programs in many fields and especially different branches of engineering.
Available scholarships

Little about Qatar

To tell you a little more about the country, the Qataris mainly favour football and motorsports and in 2015 they held their first motocross championship. They have their main meal during the day. Even though, they are mostly meat and fish eaters, they balance out their meals with sufficient quantities of raw vegetables. Some forms of entertainment are available in the country, mainly Alladin’s Kingdom, amatuer diving for oysters, the floating museum, hill climbing, camping in the desert and the local market. Nightlife is virtually unheard of.

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