University City with the Charm – Lausanne, Switzerland

Many a rich and famous person has wanted to live in Lausanne. This university city has such charm that even a king was so fascinated that he decided to spend his youth there and what better way than to study at the university so that’s what he did.

Lausanne is better known for being the headquarters of the Olympic Committee and happens to be far more than just that. Only an hour’s drive from Geneva alongside Lake Geneva takes you through a route with stunning views to Lausanne. Built in an area of just 4 square kilometres, apart from the obvious winter sports Lausanne is famous for its wines, cuisine, the historical atmosphere, the famous beach Voile d’Or for lakeside swimming, parties, festivities and all else that you can think of.

Cyclists sculpture at Olympic museum in Lausanne, Switzerland

Today an international community lives here and you find people from all walks of life including refugees who have found asylum and do productive work. The society is welcoming of all.

Studying in Lausanne

An international student fits in comfortably given that so many nationalities are present in the city.

Accommodations are extremely difficult to find in this small city and many students look outside the city limits. The university does not offer student accommodation. However, it has a tie-up with Fondation Maisons pour Etudiants that accommodates about 2,500 within the metropolitan area and the rest have to try their luck elsewhere. If you have planned early enough it’s good to register with the foundation. Though you will have to keep in mind that more than 20,000 university students live in Lausanne.

For those oriented towards religion there is the International Students Ministry that may be of help where some students become members to form a network.

For those not inclined, there are other informal student’s groups. All you have to do is ask at the university.

As for transportation Lausanne is the only city in Switzerland with an underground metro which is fast and convenient. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to find accommodations within the city and must live somewhere in the agglomeration surrounding the main city, there are bus connections that’ll take you to the metro.

As we do each time we would recommend you visit the website of the universities to determine the courses best suited to you:

University of Lausanne
Official website

University of Lausanne

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Official website

Welcome To EPFL

Giotto, artificial intelligence

Cost of Living

Lausanne is as expensive as Geneva if not more and you will need a budget of at least between 1700 to 1900 Euros to get by each month.

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