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Switzerland is a magnet for international students. After our article on Geneva we continue exploring the country and will cover Zurich this time.

Unlike Geneva where French is the more prominent language, in Zurich German language is more prevalent though many of the Swiss do speak English. German that is spoken here is a variant of the language spoken in Germany and some words can be entirely different.

A quick word on the political system in Switzerland which is said to be the best example of democracy in the world, the one notable thing is that of all the major parties that are represented in the Federal Council rotate the presidency each year. Additionally, most of the contentious issues are decided through referendums.

Little about Zurich

Zurich by itself is a financial hub and there are many multinational companies located in the city. From the viewpoint of students there is a lot to do in the city in your free time. One of the greatest attractions is the second Saturday of August when over a million young people turn up on the streets for electronic music and partying. The street party is held all around Lake Zurich. The promenades alongside the lake in the old town are splendid, filled with history, cafes, bars and tourists, locals and students. During the summer there are many designated spots to go to for a good swim in the lake, partying or just relaxing. Added to that are the museums, the opera, cinema and theatres and the green areas including a beautiful botanical garden which is a part of the university.

Zurich, Switzerland – the view from the top of Mt. Uetliberg

The one thing that deserves a special mention is the Uetliberg mountain to which you can catch a train from the city centre that takes you on a short 27 minutes but a fabulous journey almost right to the mountaintop from where the views are just unbelievable.

The universities in Zurich

The universities in Zurich are among the best in the world and as always we would recommend you visit their websites to determine the courses best suited to you :

University of Zurich
Official website

University of Zurich

ETH Zurich
Official website

ETH Zurich

Cost of Living

As previously mentioned in our article on Geneva, Switzerland is quite an expensive country and you will have to plan for between 1700 to 1900 Euros towards your monthly expenses even though education is free.

For accommodations it’s best to shoot for a shared accommodation and this website is quite useful.

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