University Cities – Warsaw, Poland

Poland, although it is no longer the glorious, multicultural country that it once was before WWII, it is slowly again gaining in popularity, particularly among international students.

Warsaw, the capital city once called the Paris of the East, is the most cosmopolitan and does have some distinctions to it. Though, it must be said that even in its present position its at quite a distance from many of the other European cities in terms of a multicultural mix of the population.

The University of Warsaw enjoys a fairly good ranking and is considered among the 500 best universities in the world.

Warsaw, Poland

Given the costs of living in Poland international students find it quite affordable which is probably one of the major reasons for them to be attracted to the country. Education is free if you study in Polish language and pass the entrance examinations and costs between 3000 to 4000 Euros per year if you wish to study in the English language as an international student.

The density of the population is quite high and traffic jams are quite common. However, most students depend on public transport which is good. The city is well connected by trams, metro and buses.

Cost of Living

Based on the cost of living index you will need about 550$ towards your expenses exclusive of accommodations. In the opinion of the writer between 750 to 850 $ should see you meet your monthly expenses, inclusive of shared accommodations quite comfortably.

For those who wish to work and study, Poland allows students to work and the wages would be equivalent to 2.5 to 3.5 Euros per hour. Even if you’re applying for a part time position make sure to prepare a good CV since the employers in Poland set a lot of store on this.

The University of Warsaw offers diverse courses and it would be a good idea for you to visit their website to identify what meets your aspirations the most.

The unique rooftop of the Warsaw University Library

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