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What is one to say about this beautiful country full of friendly people? Let’s begin with Dublin the capital. The city throbs with young energy and why not. About 50 percent of the population comprises of those who are below 25 which makes it the city with the youngest population in the whole of Europe. The people of Dublin are the kind that work hard and live well. Almost 5 million litres of Guinness is brewed in this city each day and a pretty good quantity is sold within the Greater Dublin area which has a population of approximately 2 million. Walk into a pub and you will be greeted by strangers and seeing a foreigner someone might even offer to buy you a beer. Striking up a conversation is easy and so is making acquaintances.

Before you go imagining a city of just pubs and beer drinkers, let me say that the city and the country is rich in heritage and nature’s beauty. The Dublin Mountains Way is known to be one of the most scenic places in the world.

Dublin city center

Even though an estimated 80 percent of the population is Catholic and about 47 percent are regular church goers. For many it would be difficult to understand how this country has an openly gay prime minsister of mixed origins and how did Ireland turn out to be one of the first countries to recognize same sex marriages, given its strict dominance by the church. Another point to ponder is how is it Ireland legalized abortion only about 2 years back?

On the economic front Ireland has become a powerhouse of Europe with a per capita income of above 60,000 $ which is far more than most countries including the U.K. Yes, they work hard to earn that kind of money. Many of the well known intellectuals and scientists have come from this country.

Education System in Ireland

The education system in Ireland is par excellence.

The university fees structure is a little complicated. If you’re an international student from the EU or the EEA, you will be entitled to free undergraduate studies. For post graduate studies you will spend 3,000 Euros to 30,000 Euros per year depending upon the institution. If you’re from outside the EU and EEA, you will spend between 10,000 to 55,000 Euros per year for the undergraduate programme and between 10,000 to 35,000 per year for the post graduate programme.

Given the situation on the fees a fair majority of the students are from within the EU and the EEA at the same time the country attracts students from far and wide and you will see students from more than a hundred countries.

List of Universities

As usual we would suggest that you visit the website of the universities to determine the courses most suited to your aspirations :

Dublin City University
Official website

University College Dublin
Official website

Technological University Dublin
Official website

Trinity College Dublin
Official website

Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies
Official website

Dublin Business School
Official website

Cost of Living

Towards your monthly expenses, in addition to tuition fees, you will have to budget for between 1,500 to 1, 800 Euros inclusive of shared accommodations. This shall leave you with some money for your outings and entertainment.

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