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Dresden, in what was East Germany, is the capital of the German state of Saxony. One of the basic laws of the Saxon constitution stipulates “Nobody is to be discriminated against or privileged  on account of gender, nationality, race, language, native country, origin, beliefs, religious or political views”.

They even have a commissioner who is responsible for the integration of foreigners.

This being the situation, although Dresden is not as cosmopolitan as many of the other cities in Germany, it has its fair share of foreigners, including university students.

There being many pubs and meeting places, university students find plenty of opportunities to make acquaintances and friends. The population of Dresden is in excess of half a million inhabitants out of which foreigners constitute more than 10 percent.

A fair part of the city was rebuilt after World War II and many of the monuments were restored. Today, Dresden attracts tourists from many parts of the world.

As previously mentioned in our articles related to university education in Germany, it is worth reminding that undergraduate studies at the public universities in the country are almost free. Dresden has its fair share of public universities which are quite excellent. Here are the websites and as usual we recommend that you visit each one to identify the course most suitable for you.

Technical University of Dresden

Official website

Dresden University of Applied Sciences
Official website

Hochschule fur Musik Carl Maria von Weber
Official website

Academy of Fine Arts

Official website

Palucca University of Dance
This is an exclusive university of dance and attracts students from many parts of the world who vie for admission which is not easy since the university takes in a very limited number of students each year.
Official website

Same as with the universities in the rest of Germany, excellent knowledge of German is essential if you are going to be  doing your course in the german language and if in English, you must have C1 or equivalent certification showing you have an excellent command over the the language plus a working knowledge of German.

Compared with the other major cities in Germany the cost of living in Dresden is marginally lower and according to the index it is approximately 875 $ per month exclusive of accommodation. In the opinion of the writer, a student can live fairly well on 1000 $ per month inclusive of shared accommodation.

Author: Martina Advaney
Photo: Shutterstock

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