University Cities – Auckland, New Zealand

Having written about Christchurch, last week, we continue to delve into New Zealand and shall cover Auckland in this article.

First and foremost, it is the people of the country that deserve to be acknowledged. After all it is the people that make a country and the people of New Zealand are fair by nature and genuinely friendly. The prosperity of the nation is there to see in every walk of life. Be it wages, the look and feel of Auckland and above all the multiplicity of ethnic groups that contribute to the economy. The city comprises of about 28 percent of people who are Polynesians and you get to see individuals from almost all countries in the world.

Auckland city at dawn

Bubbling with life, Auckland with its dazzling landscapes has plenty to offer. Apart from the many hundreds of cafes and bars, there are more than 50 inactive volcanoes, sailing and canoeing, an underwater aquarium that you can visit often and not get bored with all the sea life including a huge collection of penguins and sharks,seaside promenades, the Maori museum where you see some of the best exhibits belonging to the Maori way of life, and much more. The one thing that needs a special mention is the Pasifika festival where you can experience authentic villages that represent many different Pacific Island nations their food, music, dance, hospitality and art.

If you have a love for nature, hiking and rain forests are within close reach.

University City Auckland

Auckland values its international students and recognizes the fact that in terms of the money earned by the city, international students contribute towards a fair percentage of the total revenues. In addition is of course the fact that once qualified many of the students build their careers in this city, further contributing to the economy and brain gain.

The Auckland University of Technology is ranked among the top one percent of the universities and according to Times Higher Education, the university has more than 5400 international students from 150 countries around the world. You shall find more information here.

The University of Auckland which is also ranked among the 100 best has over 8000 international students. Visit their website for more information.

Cost of Living

Your expenses will be similar to what you would spend in Christchurch and this website shall be useful for finding accommodations.

Two more important points for international students are that the country has among the best healthcare systems in the world and for your travel within the city and to the neighbouring areas you shall find their public transport quite faultless. You can get around using trains, buses and ferries.

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