Unexpected Traffic Signs Around The World


The number of signs you pass by on your everyday journey and some of them you don’t even notice. It’s only while travelling and seeing all the unusual traffic signs which warn or inform you of one situation or another is when you really get alert. I myself found the most interesting signs while travelling in Australia. Judge for yourself in our gallery.

Set of typical Australian signs warning you of the country‘s national animals kangaroo and koala

Better to have 4WD in Australia – or even a boat 🙂

Distances in Australia do surprise even after a while

Wrong way sign on Kwinana Freeway, WA. This sign doesn’t exactly help suppress panic in case of a situation.

Attention penguin crossing in New Zealand

In Norway, you luckily see only this polar bear traffic warning

Indian signs, alerting you of Elephants and Bullock carts

Traffic sign warning you of monkeys in Bali, Indonesia

Namibia – here’s an alert to watch out for wild cats

Camel with camel road sign, Oman

It’s an advantage to know Chinese and be quick in reading them in Chinese streets. Beijing, China

While understanding the warning, this road sign creates a dilemma within me what to do first

Khardungla Top pass with snow during spring season. Leh, Ladakh, India

And the last sign from our modern life of today – selfie warning in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Tokyo, Japan

Photos: Shutterstock

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