Unethical Behavior and Risk – An Interview with a Behavioral Economist Dr. Agne Kajackaite

Dr. Agne Kajackaite is a behavioral economist and head of research group “Ethics and Behavioral Economics” at the Berlin Social Science Center. She has received her PhD from the University of Cologne and before joining the Berlin Social Center in 2017 she was a PostDoc at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In her research she aims to understand unethical behavior, particularly lying behavior, by conducting economic lab experiments. Further topics in her research are cognitive performance, gender, incentives, risk preferences, and ignorance. Her research on the effect of temperature on cognitive performance and gender was covered by The New York Times, The Time, The Guardian, The Atlantic and The Washington Post, among others. Agne has received Vladas Jurgutis Award in 2018 and GLL Award for Promoting the Name of Lithuania Globally in 2019.